Glitz and Shout Paparazzi

Hi! My name is Fran James and I love Paparazzi Jewelry!!! My business is called Glitz And Shout Necklacesi,  and I started it in the fall of 2017 when my husband and I needed to pay off some bills.  What an amazing adventure it has been❤ Paparazzi is super trendy and super affordable. The delight that it brings to my customers is wonderful,  whether it’s for gift giving, special occasions such as weddings or prom, or just for spoiling themselves! And the variety is endless!

Doing Paparazzi has been a family affair,  with involvement from my husband,  three grown children,  and my daughter-in-law. It’s not only been fun, but has been very bonding as we work together😊

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Glitz and Shout Paparazzi